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2wd or 4wd


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Amen to that Legacy, I was a 2wd guy for 20 years thinkin I didn't need 4wd till I started trout fishing the fingers 3 years ago...now I watch the 2wd guys spin tires and hang up all the time....it's all about traction at a boat launch...for a few extra dollars in payments it's worth the piece of mind and if you fish with your kids along you don't want to worry about hangin up somewhere when there may not be help around..4WD dude!

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Ive had 4whl drives for years. I use the 4 wheel drive almost daily. I have been hooked on Tundras since 2000 when they came out Im on my 2nd one.However they are all gas hogs. Im getting tired of crazy gas bills . Now they have made the Tundras full size. Im thinking my next one is going to be a 2 wheel drive ,and just walk more. Very rarely do I need the 4wheel drive to launch.Ill probably downsize to Tacoma w/6. Just tow a little slower. Probably double the gas mileage overall.Im used to the tail wagging the dog.My log truck gets just 4mpg so you can imagine my fuel costs are crazy.

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