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(SPoonfed_Ibay) : Fishing Report




Date(s): (06/14/09)

Time on Water: (7:00am -12:00PM)

Temp/Weather: (65°F and sunny)

Wind Speed/Direction: (Light)

Waves: (Calm)

Surface Temp: (56 in 150ft and 48 in 500ft)

Location: (In front of Ibay)





Total Hits: (5)

Total Boated: (4)

Species Breakdown: (2 Kings, 3 Bows)

Hot Lure: (3 on Orange Crush, 1 on Red Sutton 44, 1 on Emerald Shiner)

Trolling Speed: (2.5 mph)

Down Speed: (N/A mph)

Boat Depth: (1 at 150, 4 at 500 ft)

Lure Depth: (top 30 ft)




Started a little late on Sunday. Didn't leave the dock until 7:00. Left Ibay and headed north to 100 ft. There were a couple boats trolling in that depth. Did a fast reconicence troll for about 5 min and did not see any signs of bait or fish. Continued out to 150 and there were a few more boats in that depth. Set up here and trolled for 3 hours with only one fish. a ~14 lb king. Screen was blank from bait and only saw a couple fish. We decided to go out and look for Steelies. Picked up and ran out to 500 ft. Found a nice scum line and went 4 for 5 trolling in and out of that. 3 steelies and 1 shaker king. Anybody seeing any bait? We never saw a pod all day! :(





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SF_Ibay: There was quite a temp difference between E & W of the Genny. There were frequent bait clouds in 50-80 FOW on West side. (alewife spawning)

Tom B.


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Fished with Nancy BII for a few hours on Sat. Stayed mainly between the bay and river in 80 out to about 160 feet. We only picked up one small King and didn't see much on the screen. Called it quits when the wind picked up later in the morning. Might try to get out this weekend and give it another shot.

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