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Re-spooling Cannon electric


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Just took delivery of a couple of Mag 5's and got them put together. I'm going to run a Depth Raider off one of them so I need to re-spool it with coated cable.

My old riggers were Uni-trolls and easy to get the thing apart and get to the spool to put on the coated cable. The electrics don't seem to be so easy and reading the warranty I would void the warranty by taking it apart.

Am I missing something?? Should I slice the coated cable onto the existing rigger cable? If so what's the most dependable way to do that?

Thanks. DAN

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Ray - thanks for the reply. I guess I'd better take a closer look at it, it didn't look to me like there was enough room to access the center of the spool where the cable feeds thru and is crimped w/out taking it apart. Thanks.


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