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8-24 Genny (Monday)

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Launched at 5AM; shot the breeze with Bear (good to meet you Bear). Speaking of, wind was westerly. 1ft chop with an ocassional 2 ft'r & "rogue 3 tossed in. Good rainfall moving off towards the east.

Tremendous amount of bait in 75-85 FOW. Awful warm in there though. Found 54F with 80 ft of cable out over 120FOW.

Anyways 7 for 8. 5 Stlhd, 1 King, 1 Brown. Put them all together & it'd be one big fish. 8 Lb Stlhd largest. 19" King was clipped. Smallest Brown seen in a long time. Must have been all of 9" long. All caught at 65-75 over 130FOW. 5 on DW SS Bloody Death. 1 on NK Wonderbread, 1 on NK Purple spook.

When the sun broke over the clouds, headed out. Saw a couple small bait clouds in 175FOW but nothing around them. Saw maybe 6 boats total. Off at 10:00

Sorry no pix, wife took my camera card & cable is shot for this one so can't download.

7 trailers at launch. Attendant may have gone back to school. Be careful in River - couple of big logs floating in there.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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Hey Tom, when I go to the Genny that early I'm usually the only one there. It was good to meet you. I enjoy meeting the good guys from this board. Sorry I wasn't thinking, I didn't introduce you to my wife. She's my best fishing partner. Anyways, we started at 80 feet. I was setting up and we pulled a double that made a mess. 1 was a landlock and 1 a rainbow. Released the landlock - 22 inches. We moved on because I wasn't getting the quality fish since we're in the derby. Trying to get away from those 3,4 & 5 pounders. We went with the waves because it's easier for my wife to steer. I was using the protroll with an echip on one rigger and a spin doctor on the other. We got 2 good hits on them right away. The fish ran for awhile and got off. We continued down the lake. All the fish were small as we worked our way out to 220 fow going East. I found pockets of 48 degree water with fish in them but they weren't the fish I was looking for either. Anyway, we kept going East and picking at them staying in the 48 degree water and got nothing over 10 lbs. I usually have better luck picking up the Kings in that water but they just weren't where I was. We ended up past 9 mile point, so I thought the way the fishing was going and we were just getting small ones we picked up and made the long haul back to the river at 1:00. In all not a bad day but we just couldn't pop a big one. I stayed in 120-160 fow mostly with water temps 48-50 degrees with 100-115 ft of cable out. Fish on the divers came at 175 & 225. I was using NK alwafe's one them. We got back to the Genny at 2:30. Caught lots of fish, not sure how many, I am sure we lost 4. We'll be out again Fri., Sat. & Sunday, weather permitting. It was great meeting you. Anytime you want to talk give me a shout. I have 45 years of experience on the lake so I'm not a newbie. Hope to see and talk to you again. I enjoy your post on this site. I think you're one of the people who keep this post going. Pleasure meeting you.



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