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if it wasn't direct tournement competition i would love to give you what i know. i troll, troll, troll. earlier this year we got them deep trolling the north end. not so sure that work this time. follow the bait and they will be there. most people troll but you could spend a week just working all the weeds in that lake. big lake- alot of fish on weeds and suspended so they are everywhere. i troll faster it seems than most and sometimes i get them. good lake though. best #'s that i know about in NY. the best color is the one that they hit. good luck, i will see you there! find the bait fish and keep going though them from every which way. on larry's website he said that in a tourney a couple years back in august a group smoked them in the triangle doing like 20 fish in one day on tuff shads! wow! we'll see how clear it is when we go.

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Hi mike....we`ll be looking for the bait as well and thouroughly combing the area.I am more of a troller (especially in the fall-It`s been working good for me!).Gonna get up there a day or so before to check things out-north/south etc.Dewittville Bay comes to mind.


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