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Wilson - Where have all the salmon gone?

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Owl's Club (for now)




Date(s): Monday Sept 7

Time on Water: 6am


Wind Speed/Direction: East

Waves: Very calm in close, 1 footers out farther

Surface Temp: 65

Location: Wilson





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: Steelhead

Hot Lure: Green Fly

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 3

Boat Depth: 280

Lure Depth: 45




Went out at first light from Wilson. Fished over 80-100 FOW for 3 hours. Seemed to be marking plenty of bait, couple of possible big boys on side sonar, one shaker, but got off because I pulled him into the ball without tripping the release. Pulled up gear around 9am and headed out deep...due north of Wilson to 280 feet of water. Got a release while setting up...but not hooked. Marked and went back...7 lb Steelhead hit a dipsy. Was out 135 feet on number 3...4 inch white spin doctor with green fly.

That was all she wrote until we came in at 1pm. Where have all the Salmon gone???


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