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Electrial Problems


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HI guys,

Finally got the the new boat out. Have some problems with it. My wash down system doesnt work right. It work one time then nothing. I think the pump for . Its a 1it might be bad991 Sportscraft. Any info or tips would be helpful.



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Not a lot of info to go on, but here are some things to check. Most washdown pumps have a built-in pressure switch to automatically shut off the pump when the hose is turned off. The location of this switch depends on the pump manufacturer. Mine (Shure-Flow I believe) has the switch directly on the bottom of the pump. Because of the location, any residual water left will surely freeze in the winter. This happened to me, causing my pump to run but just leak most of the water directly out of the bottom. If your pump doesn't run at all, I would first check the fuse for the circuit. If that is blown your pump is probably seized, which I've also had happen. Replace the fuse once, but if it blows again the situation will require pump removal and probable replacement. I've been able to disassemble some pumps and repair, but that will be up to you once you assess the situation. If the fuse is good and the pump doesn't run at all, you may have a wiring issue or a bad pressure switch. The red wire to your pump should go through the switch and then the pump. The switch is normally closed which allows the pump to run until pressure builds, which causes the switch to open. If you can get to the wiring measure the voltage to the pump with the switch on. If you have 12V measure from the black wire to the pump-side of the pressure switch. If you have voltage there, most likely your pump is shot, probably due to bad or dirty brushes.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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