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Spring Browns

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sTART AS SOON AS YOU CAN. March -May They tend to stick to structure so look for jagged bottoms, docks, sunken cover, or ledges. The hot bite for me is always early, launch at sunup fish ti'll 10 or so. You'll most likley pick LL along the way but, don't get discouraged there out there. If I could say only one thing light line and long leaders.

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Can't comment on those sticks as I don't run them. Mostly Rapalas for me and I can usually get something going by changing models for different actions. As far as colors it all depends on the conditions that day or even that hour. Black and silver, black and gold, firetiger, perch, chartuse , orange or red. They all take fish. I will usually run a spread that I have had success with under the current conditions but usually have one rod with something different out there and see what happens. Then make adjustments accordingly.


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