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Cannon Planer Board Reels

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I've got a set of the cannon planer board reels on my boat. I was just out to the barn this evening working on the boat and notice one of the reels was loosening from the mounting base. As I stripped the tow line off the reel it came apart. I really like these reels alot, and would like to get this one fixed. Anyone know of a place that services cannon products??? Cannon's website wasn't real helpful unfortunately.

I'd fix it myself, but looking at it I can't figure out how it comes apart.

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Chris these reels are split down the center of the spool.. I had a reel split on my Cannon Rigger and it expanded and I could not crank up the rigger anymore.. I had 2 old Cannon riggers so I robbed a spool off and swapped it out with the damaged spool and it works like a dream now... My suggestion is to find an old spool in good shape and swap it out... Dale

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