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Maine sea duck hunting.


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a week after our late season closed here I headed to Maine for a sea duck hunt. Went with 2 guys from here and a fella from south Carolina.

first 2 days there we got 30 inches of snow! that made for a very interesting boat retrieval after the first days hunt. overall the trip was certainly a not what was expected and things will certainly change for the future trips, as the old saying goes 1 bad apple can spoil the whole bushel! :@ The fella from south Carolina was a great guy, he wasn't fond of the weather at all though!

a few pictures from the trip, I did accomplish 2 of 3 things I wanted on this trip, a hen and drake eider, just couldn't get a drake surf scoter. I only shot 1 hen and only because I wanted one to have a nice mount.

drake eiders and a hen eider


one thing there was no shortage of was old squaws! but we only hunted them a little bit since we can shoot those here.


a close up of the drake eider I shot.


probably my best scenery picture from the trip.


and whats a trip to Maine without bringing back a cooler full of these!!! the only problem was it took 12 hours to cook and clean all of them and the 40 pounds of fresh shrimp I brought back too.


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Sweet man Great pics and awesome play by play....I absolutely love sea duck hunting. Been to Maryland with Pitboss (Jeff Coates) and I'm tentatively going to Rhode Island Next January for "Eidahs" and Scoters. Call me crazy but I'll hunt divers and Sea ducks over popcorn ducks and sky carp any day.

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