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Does anyone know where to find some Cannon and Humminbird Decals to put on the side of my boat...? I have tried searching and just cant find anything. please help! Want to look like a fishing boat. :lol:

thanks in advance, nick

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Ok here ya go my opinion of what a fishing should look like.

1. If it has kids on it, fish poles in hand laughing and have good time with fishing lures flying around and worm guts on the PBJ'S it's a fishing boat.

2. If it has adults on it acting like kids with all kinds lies flying around and peanut butter and jelly on the Bud cans it's a fishing boat.

3. If it has some great friends on it who don't give a rats butt about fishing, just hanging out and have a Great Time it's a fishing boat.

4. If it has a family on it just spending quality time, it's a fishing boat.

5. If you see what Muskybob said it's a fishing boat.

6. If it creates memories that will last a life time, it's a fishing boat

7. If it creates a friendships that last a life time it's a fishing boat.

Now my question, how much are you going to charge to have them vinyls on your boat? Sorry I had to ask :)

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They are tough to come by, ask Billy V to see if he can get you some. I'll do some poking around as well I know some people I scored some sweet Minn Kota ones for my rig when I was fishing an FLW tournament, the Ranger boat trailer had them he gave me 2 and a bunch of other stuff I saw. I asked, I recieved.


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Hey Lew56, i mean its a fishing boat for sure, but i wanna "show off" the gear i guess. I just like the looks of it. We always have a fun time and i always let the young guys wind in some fish. The one boy michael, he loves the water and the fishing, his favorite part of all is keeping an eye on the Fish Finder, he makes sure we know each time a fish is marked and how deep, then runs to the back of the boat and checks the line counters on everything. GOOD KID! Also, i never carry the cooler off the boat, we throw them all back usually...But we have a blast.

BillyV thanks.

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Hey, not to hijack a thread, but if someone has spare cannon or other fishing decals that they want to give away (or sell), I'd like a few for my own boat as well. I'll pay for shipping as I live in Ontario.


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