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March 9 - Soft Water Fishing -Eastern Lake Ontario

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The weather forecast said that Tuesday the 9th was going to be a nice day - did they miss the boat? IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!!! Little wind, lots of sun and big rollers from the south.

We (Laker John and Myself) began fishing at 0930 and made several passes at a spot we had success in the past, the water was dirty due to the rollers kicking up the bottome, so we decided to try another piece of water. As we were heading over, we had changed fom spoons to stick baits because if the dirty water. We were setting out the rods and the outside board goes off - Fish ON!!!!

I reeled the board and the fish to boat and as it got close Laker John said "you won't beleive what it is!!!!" He slipped the net under the fish and brought it on board - what a surprise........


They say there are no walleyes in the area - well we found one of them!!!!!! This one was 7 lbs on the nose. Picture taken for posterity and the fish returned to spawn. That was the first time I have ever caught a fish out of season in 64 years of fishing....

We were pleased that we had attracted a fish on a Smithwick Rogue, we caught that fish at 1115 and after setting the rods back out and beginning the troll again, I was in the midst of a call to BayBoy when the inside rod went off and Laker John was into a fish. It was approx 1135. He brought the fish to the boat and into the net - our FIRST Brown Trout of the year!!!!!


We were happy as pigs in s**t, the day was asuccess - BUT wait there's MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

For the next two hours, we trolled up and down and we had three double headers, lost three fish after the strikes and landed a bunch of brownies ranging from 4.75 to 7.75 lbs. We were getting them on a jointed Rapala in a bright orange and on a Spro in Pink and white.

Here's a shot of a really nice male that tipped the Rapala Scale at 7.75lbs.


The action slowed down and we landed our last trout at 330PM, we continued up and down and called it a day at 500PM, heaing for the launch.

Took a shot on land for the record.


The days total was 11 fish, one walleye and ten brown trout - what a way to boost your confidence!!!!!!

We're counting the days til we can get out again, (weather permitting), we got some different areas we want to check out as we think the fish are all over the place.

Stay Tuned

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Any details on the place, size of baits, and depth of lures would be a great help.... went out last year, and only brought in 4 for the entire season... A few tips would be greatly appreciated..

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