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Do you guys use flasher and flies on the finger lakes just like on Lake Ontario? I havent done any fishing on the finger lakes but I do some on Sacandaga lake for Rainbows but have never had any luck with flashers. I have some dodgers and spin doctors to use with normal great lake flies. I tried and 8" flasher with a smaller salmon fly once without any hits. I also have some Lake Clear wabblers but never have any faith in running them. I do much better with Mooslook wabblers and Michigan Stinger Scorpions.

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You should do well with the same 8" flashers, dodgers & flies as used on lake Ontario. I've run the smaller dodger/peanut flies with out much success but to be honest I really haven't run them much.

You should get all the current info you want about size & color by just reading the posts in the Finger Lakes section.

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