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trim switch replacement


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looking for a source for a Quicksilver trim switch that is mounted on the shift handle. It controls up/down and trailer trim.

Buddies boat needs a new one. Anybody have a good online source?

You probably all ready did this but, make sure the problem is not the solenoid on the trim motor.

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I might need you to help me, Not sure if you remember but mine is very sticky, If motor is all the way down or up it takes a little finesse to get it going, havent jumpered so not sure if its the solenoid or switch, with the motor in gear works everytime-which leads me to the switch.

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bowhunter, sure sounds like the switch to me. You can cross the solenoid at the pump if you know what your doing to be certain its something switch or wire related prior to the pump. Sounds like something is loose and getting better contact when it is in gear to me. You can also unplug the switch and touch the wires together to make it go up or down. If I remember correctly Gray and green together go up and maybe purple and red down. Dont have the switch in front of me so I am not sure.

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