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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Fireplug, fishing on Pond Hop'r (a.k.a. BroadHorizons)




Date(s): 05/16/10

Time on Water: 06:00 - 15:00

Weather/Temp: Started out cold, got warm

Wind Speed/Direction: low wind

Waves: 1'

Surface Temp: 45






Total Hits: 7

Total Boated: 6

Species Breakdown: Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Atlantic

Hot Lure: Rapala blk. back, orange belly

Trolling Speed: 2 - 3

Down Speed: 2 - 3

Boat Depth: 85 - 150

Lure Depth: varied




Had a great day with BroadHorizons and his buddy, Ryan. Fished in up to 200 FOW, first fish was a nice 25 # King so we thought we were in it for the day. Hard picking, fish very scattered. Only marked 1 of the 7 fish we hooked. Caught 1 Coho and 1 Steelhead off stickbaits on planer boards. Blk. back, orange belly, 1 Smithwick, 1 Rapala HJ9. Didn't notice the other baits we used. Beuatiful day to fish, great time with good people. Looking forward to heading back out with Andy ASAP!!!

Ryan's big fish for today


My first ever Steelhead!!


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The coyote echip/green glow hammer got hit 2x, stingray yellow penguin 1x, green glow splatterback echip/hypnotist 1x, and a golden retriever slasher/crazy b (I think, don't remember for sure if I matched them together) 1x. We spent most of the day outside the green water. The fish came on riggers around 45 and 55-60, flatlines sticks w/o weight, and full core on the retrieve. No dypsies or copper today.

I have never fished out of Olcott before and I'm very impressed with the facilities. Very nice cleaning station, bathrooms, and docks. I can't wait to get back out there. Todd, you're always welcome to come aboard.

Is it normal for fish to loose so many scales, I've never noticed it before? They were shedding scales all over the place.

The meat shot.


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Coho always lose scales like crazy, kings do in the spring as well especially immature fish, not so much once you get into summer.

I saw your boat there at the marina and thought I recognized the name.


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