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Not much to report. Went out this afternoon, set up in 50 fow worked out to 140 then back into 50fow. Blank screen the whole way. Only inspiration was good colored water within 65fow. Ran an assortment, looking for kings or steel. Might have been a better idea to stay inside. Skunked, but beats yard work. Bill

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thanks for the report. did u get a surface temp? the cold water from the wind last week really screwed things up. was out sunday eve and worked the same 50 to about 100 with blank sreen. did have one on over 50 and lost it after a minute. think then the water was only 46F

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Bill, I went out last night also from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.

Started in 90 FOW. All empty in the screen. Surface temp at 46.

Motored back to 40 FOW between Genny and IBay. I find the green stained water and the surface temp was at 48 and warmed up to 50 degrees by the time I approached 35-40 FOW. Marks started showing up on the screen. More activity showed up in 35 FOW and surface temp at 49 degrees.

No bite at all. It was a nice evening to be out.


Cant beat this.

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