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Today and also again tomorrow I have my very first charter clients fishing with us. Great group of guys spread from Minnesota to the Jersey Shore. After what we did to the Cohos on Sunday it was a no brain'r to go back and beat up on them some more. We left the dock at 6:15 and ran about 9 miles West. When we sat down the screen wasn't great, but we started to set lines anyway. The screen finally got better, and rods started to pop. We ran a 2 color on the furthest line out on our Otter Boats, and a five color right next to it. On the 2 colors we had Dreamweaver Coho Killer and an Orange Slurpee SS going, and on the five colors were mini Dreamweaver Spin Doctors in Orange with blue/green and green/gold A-TOM-MIK Coho Flies. The green/gold was the HOT set-up for the day. On our riggers we put numerous spoons, but the one that went the most was a Dreamweaver SS Firecracker. A few shots on our wires today pulling Green SmartFish/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist flies. We boxed out, and lost at least another one. That Coho roll is a real winner if you ever want to get un-hooked! Back at it again tomorrow, and the game plan is Cohos then maybe we go looking for a King or two. Not many Kings caught today from what I heard. Our Big guy today was a toss up between a 10lb Coho and a 9lb Rainbow.




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