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Yankee n Friends 6/28 Afternoon Trip - Oak

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We joined forces with Maverick Sportfishing and Hideout Charters to take out a group from the company 5linx. 5linx booked this trip for some of their employees and some of their customers as an appreciation event. We left the dock at 2pm and fished till 5:30pm and I can guarantee that every person that went out had a GREAT time. All the boats reported multiple fish hook-ups at the same time. We started the trip with a quad, and landed 3 of the 4 fish. The one that got away was the biggest of the 4 (I swear that’s no fish story).

We ran 3 riggers parked at 80, 95, and 110. On the riggers we ran spoons with sliders. DW Shiznits, DW Feelin Erie, and Stinger Later Gators. The temperature dropped a little further today. We finally found 50 degrees at 80’ down on our Depth Raider. Our Deeper Divers were set on a 1.5 and set out 250 and 200. Later on we slid each of them back 25’. We pulled a Wonder Dot SmartFish with a shredded A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly, and a DW Gator Spin Doctor with an A-TOM-MIK Green Crinkle on the wires. Lastly, we set out a 400 copper with a Icehouse chip/A-TOM-MIK Mirage Live, and on the 500 copper we put a Green Dot SmartFish/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist. A 7 rod spread was hard enough to keep in the water!

As I mentioned above our crew started with a quadruple, and it seemed like when one rod went off another one would soon follow. We finally marked a few pods of bait tonight unlike the past few days. A lot of skippy kings were put back for the future of our fishery. We boxed 3 nice Kings, a Nice Coho, and a Steelhead in the end. All rods took fish at one point or another. Hot spoon of the day was the Shiznit AGAIN, but the other two spoons were very close behind.

Chris Lopresti, who runs Maverick Sportfishing, says his Northern King 42nd spoon was his #1 spoon of the evening, and he was also the captain who took the big guy tipping the scales at 24lbs. Our big guy of the trip was a tad shy of 22lbs. We had another good one swim out of the net that might have challenged Chris’s big guy…LOL…but me, the captain, didn’t do so well on the net job. That fish still had a little left in him. Rob on the Hideout says his Gators were his best spoon of the night. We all fished the 24/25N lines straight out of the chute.

The mix of fish right now is AMAZING out of the Oak. If you have a ride to get you out there then don’t miss out on this bite. We all smoked them in mid-day conditions!




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It was a great time. We were all skeptical about the time of day they wanted to fish but wow were we wrong. 5 people on my boat and we went through the rotation 5 times. Thanks to kevin (barnacle) at 5linx for setting this up.


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As usual the oak has a variety of fish to be caught. Like rick has mentioned get in the truck and take the ride. The fishing out front within 2 miles of shore cant be beat. Rick had a beautiful steely on sunday. We had a really nice catch of kings on sat and even better on sunday.. The northern king gators and 42 second spoons have been going on a consistant basis. my gator paddles and the atommik green krinkle set back 250 on a 2 setting has been getting ripped off my boat for the last three days..and if any of you boys are trolling around out there and happen to catch my flashers and flies that are attached to some big boys could you please through the paddles back on my boat...lol....thank you to kevin bartnicki for the great trip i enjoyed fishing with everyone it was a great time...looking forward to more fun days at the oak..and remember please through back the 1 yr and 2 yr old fish for the future there are plenty of bigger fish to be caught.

Thanks again and good luck..


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Not much I can add to this report except their right on.

A huge Thank You to Mavrick,Yankee and Hideout for an unbelieveable trip. My clients were in shock. At one point, as Rob said, all 7 rods were out of the water because we could not get them back in. The wires out 225 and 250 were on fire. Mixed bag, Kings, Cohos and 1 Atlantic and the fish were even hitting the paddles. A great time was had by all and everyone was throughly impressed. Had a rookie that reeled one in on the 600' copper and to give him a chair to finish the fight.

Congrats to Maverick for the big boy of the trip at 24lbs. I think we had a few on that might have come close LOL.

We had one client from Oregon that fished the Northwest coast and could not believe the fishery we have.

Looks like we are going to make this an annual event, I'm sure we will have more people next year.

Looking forward to Sodus and good luck in Oswego!

The picture below says it all!!



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