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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:630-1200

Weather/Temp:sunny 80s

Wind Speed/Direction:west 5-10


Surface Temp:75






Total Hits:8

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:3 lakers 2 salmon(1 skipper 1 major

Hot Lure:dodger squid

Trolling Speed:na

Down Speed:2.5-3.0

Boat Depth:100-220

Lure Depth:85-105




left the dock at 630 headed out to 100ft to set up after 4th road was set a silver doger/ blue glow squid starts ripping fish took out over 400' of line then right back at the boat just as fast. After a 20 min fight a nice 28lb king hit the deck( will add pic when I get home later). Few min later another dodger goes with a green/glow squid small laker. Then the blue/glow fires again about 10 big head shakes and gone. Made a turnworked back east and didn't move a rod. Headed back west and popped a double on little lakers. After 2hrs of nothing moved out to 220 didn't mark much did a skipper on the dipsy. Decided to call it a day and headed in.

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Gotta love the dodgers and squids. Took a 30lb fish off a TC Dodger and a pink glow squid a few years back on July 4th weekend right off Braddock Point. You may have enticed me to break one out this weekend.

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I like to run my squids a bit further back than my flies 29" vs 21"... I like to think it gives their slimmer design a wider pattern... no clue if it's true or not :)


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