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Yankee @ the Oak 8/14-8/15

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8/15 - Charters

Morning - Was told Friday night that the Lake had flipped. Thats all we needed to know. When we broke the pier heads the water was chilly! It stayed that was all the way out to the 28N line. Even out there we had 55 degrees down 40'. We ran a simple 3 rigger, 4 wire, 1 copper program. On our riggers we started off with Norther King Sea Sick Waddlers, Dreamweaver Gators, and Dreamweaver Raspberry Dolphins. During the day we would pull the Raspberry Dolphins and the Gators for some Dreamweaver Green Eye Ghost and Midnight Specials. We parked our riggers anywhere from 50-100' down. These fish were in the ICE water! On the wires we ran mag spoons on the high divers set on a 3 out 275 and 300. One was a Sea Sick Waddler the other was a 42nd. Low divers pulled paddle fly combos like the 42nd combo, and the Gator spinny/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist. Our copper rod was a 300 copper with a Dreamweaver magnum Gator.

Fishing was fast and furious from the 29N line to the 32N line. LOTS of Steelhead and a few small kings mixed in. We did a good job of landing our first 6 or 7 Steelhead this morning. Just like last week our Saturday morning trip didn't give up even just one screamer.




Evening - We had the owner from Michelina's Italian Restaurant out with his boy and his cousin. We wanted to get Anthony some fish, so we headed back out to the Steelhead rich waters offshore. We ran the exact same program that we finished with on our morning trip, but we would go on to drop our first 5 or 6 fish. It was very frustrating considering this was just a four hour evening trip, but the meatball and chicken parm sandwiches really took our minds off the dropped fish. Eventually everyone would get to reel in a few fish, and we even had our first screamer of the day. He took the 42 combo on our low wire out 225. The fish gave up a great fight, and they were able to see how tough a mature Salmon really is.

We would not go hungry on this trip, and Anthony had a blast reeling in fish along with watching his dad battle about a 17lb Lake Ontario King Salmon. This fish made multiple hard runs, and turned those meatball making arms into mush.


8/16 - Charter

We had some guys from ROWE video out with us. I love when these guys come out because I know that I will be getting some GREAT pictures! The downfall is.....your going to have to wait until I get them to see them. Well, when we broke the pier heads you could feel the cold water still pushed into the shallows, so off to the depths we went. We dropped in at the 29N line, and for once I was able to get all 8 rods in the water without a single fish. However, that didn't last long!

We ran the same program as the day before with the exception of switching out a 300 copper for a 400 copper. We would continue the droppsy theme this morning. One of which was definitely a King that took the 400 copper pulling a green Smart Fish/A-TOM-MIK sherbet fly. Our Dreamweaver midnight specials were great until we had a beautiful Steelhead go under a wire and then rocket out of the water. So down went some Northern King 42nd's and they continued to rock. Our Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers took a back seat today, and pair of Stinger Nukes really started to shine.

The highlight of the day happened around noon when a high wire pulling a Moonshine Bad Toad started to sing. We knew it was a King, but had no clue how big. He made multiple long and strong runs. After what seemed to be forever a hog hit the deck and tipped our scale at 29lbs. Here is a picture of my brother holding it until we get some photos from the Rowe guys.


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