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Big Jon Gadabout Riggers

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I have a pair of Big Jon gadabout riggers (manual) that I picked up a while back that I would like to move. These are brand new riggers that had damaged boxes. They sell new for $150 on average. I'd like to get $200 OBO for the pair. I'll pay the shipping in the U.S. They are complete and have never been used, just put together and put on the shelf in the basement.

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Gray Fox,

Would you happen to have a picture of the riggers?

Especially the Base for mounting.

I got a friend with a small boat looking for riggers but mounting them will be an issue.

If I could get a look at the Base it would be helpful.



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Are these riggers still available for sale? If so, would you consider selling only one? I am new to controlled-depth fishing, but I would like to give a downrigger a try on my small boat.

I see that you are from Nicholson, PA. I would like to fish Harvey's Lake in Luzerne County, but it's one of the very few lakes where I would use a downrigger, and so I think starting out with one rigger might be a good idea until I learn what it's all about.


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