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I was on Conesus last week and did really good. Iced some pike 31-37". Ice is good on the North end out to 10' of water. Gills are running even bigger than last year and plenty of them. Hoenoye has been a deep water fishery so far this winter. Long walks are producing good fish. Like always with Honeoye, you have to work for them. I will be on Honeoye on Saturday. The ice is good all over Honeoye except creekmouths. Good luck.

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Conesus=small bluegills and infrequent but large pike, occasional bass or perch. Fish the North end to start, couple hundred yards off Vitale park

Honeoye=evening bite for bluegill in shallow (<15fow) wherever you find good weeds. All day bite for bluegill and perch out deep, if you can figure them out and set up on the right spot (needle in a haystack sometimes, cause Honeoye is a big bowl). Bass can be had on tipups off the weededges, but the size isn't really there. Access if from the boat launch at the South end or from the park on the North end. Trident Marina, as well, has some parking.

6" of ice at either place. Slippery, with maybe 4-5" of snow.

My own (short) report: I've chosen to fish the deep water on Honeoye over the past two weeks and have done well. Small Marmish jigs and a sinker to get it down. Watching fish on the Vex has been invaluable in deciphering their mood and determining how to best feed it to them. The camera tells me the same thing, but I hate tangling bluegill in the camera line. I've stayed away from the crowds, but I'd assume from the # of people that there are some fish being caught.

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