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Yankee Troller

Bassin 6/29-7/1

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6/29 - practiced for the Avon Anglers tourney on Keuka lake. What a disapointment. I have heard a lot of good things from this lake. We caught 3 keepers all day. What a crystal clear/tough lake. We saw fish all over the place, but htey seemed to have lock jaw. Congrats to whoever won that tourney. If you want pickerel GO THERE!

6/30 - Went to Conesus and had a steller day! ME and my buddy kept our 5 biggest fish. In the end it was me with 15.4 and him with 16 even. Great day and a lot of nice fish. Our biggest five combined weighed in at 19.3lbs. All on soft plastics and jigs.

7/1 - Took my GF's 14yr old brother to Irondequoit. Got on the water around 12 and fished till 4. I was gtaking it easy on him until he said we were ited 3-3. OK, GAME ON! Broke out the senko and light his arse up!:laugh: He finally dropped the tourney and I went back to my jig. Caught a beauty that weighed 4.8 on my digital. Took a bunch of other 3lb fish on the jig. I would hjave had a 17lb bag fairly easy. Gotta love that place!

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Well Tommy, when the big boat overheats I have to have a back up plan or else the day is shot! We were out to Sandy on Sunday but we had boat troubles. Everything is all fixed and I look forward to having some fun in a few days!

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