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Power Pro for Downriggers

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I've got a "can't pass it up deal" on some electric downriggers. I'm thinking of spooling the 2 non-probe riggers with Power Pro. My question is for those of you who run Power Pro on your riggers what pound test do you guys use? 150, 200, or 250??

If you do run Power Pro on your riggers how do you like? Pros and Cons?



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I run 150lb braid with 10' 300lb mono shock leader at the bottom. I'm running 13lb Atomik balls, and I've never broke one off yet. The heavy mono soaks up any shock, and gives a good grip for my stackers. Not only that, but the knot acts as an auto stop (Scotties) and is a visual marker for my stacker (right below it)

I run 2 braids, one coated cable for the Moor. If need be, I clip my Fish hawk probe on the braid when I run it over 150 deep, but that's rare (putting the probe on, not fishing deep !)

Sure, it catches fleas, but when they're that thick I'm hauling ass anyway!

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I know... I'm pretty amazed myself Dale, LOL. It's a matter of overcoming my Jolliff genetics and being satisfied that after 25 some years of use we got our money's worth out of them.

But no worries buddy... I'll still have my 25 year old Diawa 27H's spooled up with 12lb test. I'm sure that won't change for awhile.

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