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Getting big golden shiners

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So I know I can get big suckers from a bait farm but the "pike" shiners are on average 4-5 inches maybe a 6'er scattered througout...i like using bigger shiners also especially if im fishing in water over 20ft or so they give off a nice flash its just hard to find any that are over 6 inches so heres my question, how long would it take to get these 4-5'ers to a plumper 6-8' size? and would it be possible to keep them alive that long given that you moniter water quality, feed them properly, and keep them in a well-aerated and suitable container? Back when bait shops could catch their own bait I used to get some nice big golden colored shiners pushing 9 inches that produced real well for me and I wanted to try and get some like that to fish along with big suckers

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even if its legal, its somewhat impractical to do this in quantities beyond single digits. with a few notable exceptions, most fish give off chemicals which stunt or severely slow growth when population density get too high. to get around this you would need a lot more than an aquarium sized tank and/or a continuous supply of 'new' water

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