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    • Fantasy football

      Fantasy Football my normal league has folded so im going to see if I can get 10 teams and do my own league 10 or 12 teams $100 buy in....with 10 teams pay off goes like this: $20 weekly high scorer for 16 weeks $300 h2h Winner $200 h2h 2nd place $180 most points scored season total This will give every team something to play for every week It will be standard yahoo scoring non PPR Auction draft  

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Fantasy Football

      I know this won't last long here before its moved. We have been doing an LOU brotherhood league for the last few years. I'm looking for some more people to keep this going. $60 per team, PPR league, yahoo scoring. Anybody interested? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Football players (somewhat fishing related)

      I'm not sure this is the place for this, but saw this video of the Steelers, Brett Keisel, today and was touched.  Figured I'd share it with some fellow fisherman.  I know we all like fishing and most of us are probably football fans too.     So you have guys like Ray Rice that beat their wives and guys like Brett Keisel (Da Beard) that take patients from Children's Hospital fishing.  Nice to see the good things too.  Also, not intending for this to be racial at all.   http://www.tmz.com/201

      in Musky, Tiger Musky & Pike (ESOX)

    • L.O.U. Fantasy Football League

      I'm going to manage a L.O.U. Fantasy Football League. 12 teams max, but if we get more than that, I'll manage and play in up to 2 leagues. Entry will be $60/team. 100% payout. I'll take checks, but prefer a money order. About half the league will get paid. I'll be doing this online through Yahoo and will work with them to get a date for draft night. If any teams cant make the draft you can list players in the order you like of best available or Yahoo will give you "their" best available. In othe

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Sandy Football

      Went out of Sandy creek today. Went 2-4 with a nice 8-10 pound football Brown. Nice buck male. Trolling between the mouth and the pump house. Weather reports were calling for light winds out of the south/south west which then turned east. My dad and I were frustrated with that but whatever. For 2 hours of fishing it was a nice day.

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

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