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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Karmakaze





Time on Water:6 hours

Weather/Temp: Cold in the morning 38 degrees and hit mid 50's by the afternoon

Wind Speed/Direction:South to South east wind 5-10mph

Waves: Flat to 1 foot and very comfortable

Surface Temp: 40 to 43 degrees

Location: Selkirk Shores





Total Hits: 33

Total Boated:28

Species Breakdown:27 Browns and 1 Laker

Hot Lure: Thundersticks- large ones- Broke back rapalas- blue and white, white, and green speckled

Trolling Speed: 2.4 to 2.6

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8 to 10 feet-

Lure Depth: On planer boards



Left North Pond at 6:15 and made a short trip south to the harbor mouth and drop the lines and headed south to Selkirk Shores... couldn't even get the second rod in the water and we were hooked up. It was non-stop with 5 double hook-ups and one triple. Only me and my brother were out and the fishing was unbelieveable. I don't think it mattered what you had in the water the fish were just ripping the lures and the planer boards were going crazy. Been fishing the same area and north to Stoney Creek for the last 4 years and never had a day like this. Always thought that I was doing something wrong. After 4 hours we had 23 for 28 and headed in. My son met me at Wigwam and jumped on the boat and we headed back to the spot again. Got two lines in and dropping the 3rd rod and we had a double right off the bat. Then another double and picked up a single. We fished for an hour and he was ready to go home. Total for the day was 28 for 33 and I was having flashbacks of tuna fishing in San Diego. Can't wait to get back out there this week. No monsters with most of them between 5-8 pounds. Only landed one fish with a lamprey mark on it. All chrome fish and all put up a good fight. I will post pics tomorrow after I download them. Tight lines and I hope the bite keeps going.


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