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I need help with Tigers in Cross Lake and the Seneca River.

Any lure choices , time of the year , anything that would help me

put together a game plan to BAG one of these baby's.

I've been fortunate to catch ONE fishing for northerns in the spring,

a respectable 15lber, I've been haunted ever since. I've had follows

but no other hookups.

They seem to show up randomly with no ryhme or reason, which is

why I can seem to put anything together.

ANYONE that has had any luck ,send in lure , time of day (morning or evening) time of year.

Maybe if we put or minds to it , we can all understand these elusive

giants better.

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From my post re: Fulton Lakes Musky

For those of you who would like to try for them, stick to approx. 12 fow and flatline troll along the weed beds with Husky Jerks (blue/silver or crawdad) between 2.5 - 3 mph. Hang on, they're a ball to catch.

Try the same tactics on Cross Lake. I'm sure they work just as well there. Or you can cast the weedline but I prefer to troll cause it's hard to steer the boat, cast, and drink a beer all at the same time. ;)

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I used to fish out of sunset park on the east side for tigers and pike.

My biggest was 44" and it was 20LB. My most success was trolling in 18 to 30 feet of water early or late in the day with thunder stick deep divers in fire tiger color. I would usually start with jr thunder stick deep divers on the north east shore line in 18 feet of water which would produce n pike the best troll for tigers was right across the lake in 24 feet of water with the full sized thunder deep divers again fire tiger was the ticket. I would use 50lb braid and never use steel leaders they seem to kill the action on the lure and I never had a bite off.

Good Luck


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Does anyone favor a certain time of year? Is it better to go after them

around the opener thru the summer, or should I concentrate on them in the Fall thru early Winter? Bye the way, thanks for everyones response.

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