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Fished from about 5:30-7:30 in 160-220, went 4-6, all kings up to 21lbs. Divers were dead, probably due to the wild currents, ended up just pulling them in as they keep getting in the way with only two of us on board battling rigger fish. 90' rigger with 42 second spoon accounted for most of the bites, 100' rigger with Kevorkian took one king. Probe was at 90', temp ranged from 45-65 degrees dependent upon direction and speed. Fleas were horrible, but the bite was good and a beautiful night!

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Excellent report!

I went out last Saturday against your advice and got skunked. Fished for at least four hours in 3 footer plus. My spin doctors on both riggers were tangled each time. A buddy got sea sick and lost his breakfast.

On the way back, we saw a school of fish (2 foot long -got to be trouts) jumping out of the water just like as if it were surfing the waves. Awesome sight but no catch either!

I guess my lesson tells me to not go out trolling on rough waters.

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Rougher water fishing can be just as good, but requires alot more work to keep the lines and cables straight and turns are critical to pay attention to what you're doing and how everything is tracking. It gets to point, no matter what boat size, that beyond 4 footers in this lake becomes a single direction troll, with the waves only... esp. with 100'+ of cable out.

I fished too many times and years on this lake to beat myself up in those conditions (unless it's a tournament of course!).

Better luck next weekend... the 180-220 range is pretty stable off IBay and should continue to be your target for the coming weeks. Fish the screen that you see, likely will be 90-120' down.

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