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cross lake 7-29-07

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had the lake to myself.caught 1 muskie in the neighborhood of 36 inches,damn thing bit my finger so i was not in the mood to try to hold him against the ruler!! took some analog pixs,hope they come out!also 1 crappie ,1 catfish and i cant tell you how many silvers where hittin j13 husky jerks and thunderstixs!!however many muskies are stocked they ought to times it by ten and thin those bass out.still no walleyes but the muskie made up for it;and so long 4 now.

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What is going on with the walleyes in that lake? A couple years back,

anyone that could wet a line would catch one. I think they took too many

big fish out. Now you really have to do your homework. Bites are spotty,

they dont seem to be concentrated. You have to try a bunch of spots to

scrape some out. Anyways, nice job on the musky.Two others were

caught last week by a father and son team. They were using bait,

caught them towards evening. Funny thing, they bit one right after the

other. One was 17lbs. the other 10lbs. They big one was old ,hardly had

any teeth left and they were caught in the river far from the lake.

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