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Wire rod.

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The blue diamond ones are the most affordable roller wire rods, all the others are 100 or better. they are nice rods a couple friends have them.

I personally don't think you need them though. Heartlands, TDR's with a Twilli is fine IMO and many others as I put up a post like this a awhile back when I was buying. Put your money into quality reels instead.

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I think i found a solution. I used a 6 inch piece of dacron, the type used for J-pluts and found it is hollow inside. It is a courser braid and heavier than the jacketing on 27# leadcore. I used a very small nail to insert into the cut end of the dacron line and then a lighter to melt the fibers together. I removed the nail and put about 3" of mono in one end. I secured it with a Willis Knot. Then I doubled over my 7 strand mailin wire and inserted it into the other end of the dacron. I made it long enoug so that the doubled wire will be in the final willis knot but not much past it. I secured the wire end with another Willis knot. It looks like it will work well. I then used a lighter to singe the end of the dacron where the 7 strand goes into it, making it pointy. I put about 30' of 30# Andes Mono on the end so that the wire will be all on the spool when horsing in Sammy. Should work. Anyone else done similar?

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