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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:6am- 3pm


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1's to a ripple

Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 10

Total Boated:8

Species Breakdown:Kings, steelies

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.4

Boat Depth: 120-500

Lure Depth: 100-135 riggers 300-345 wire


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Saw the wave report Wed. and decided to play "hooky" from work. Set up in 150 and started to troll North. Was in search mode all day.Doubled up twice. When we hit fish we would work the waypoints but never found a honey hole. Fish were scattered. Ended up catching 3 20+ lb kings, a 12 lb king, a skippy and 3 steelhead. Really had to work for them though and would sometimes go several hours before getting hit again. Our 320 wire with a silver jensen/white fly was our hot setup and took 5 of the fish. Lake layed down as the day wore on. Definately beat a day at work.


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