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Mexico Bay, 8/15 to 8/18

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Date(s): 8/16 to 8/18

Time on Water: 16 hours total

Weather/Temp: Partly to mostly crappy

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1 to 3 feet

Surface Temp: 75

Location: Mexico Bay





Total Hits: 20

Total Boated: 13

Species Breakdown: 8 Kings, 4 Browns, 1 Slimer (Togue)

Hot Lure: Green on Green Spin Doctor and fly, Big weenie XXX crybaby, green Howie fly, and A-Tom-mik green hammer.

Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.3 GPS

Down Speed: 1.4 to 1.6 on my Depth Raider. It usually reads 1.4 when I'm doing 2.2 on GPS

Boat Depth: 100 to 130. Took one fish on 400' copper in 230 feet of water

Lure Depth: 300 feet out on wire line #1 size dipsys with rings




I took my buddy Jeff and his 14 year old son Caleb over to New Haven for a few days on the Lake. We got an early start and drove over on 8/15 arriving at about 2 PM. The Lake was in terrible shape wind and wave wise and we hoped for better conditions for the next morning.

It didn't happen and the lake still was too big for my 18 foot Lund Alaskan. Luckily, Landshark had given me a tip on where we could possibly get into a few walleyes and we made the drive to our Plan B. Conditions there were fishable but windy and we boated a mix of 1 walleye, 1 bass, and a couple pickerel.

Being primed for Salmon we packed that in about 11AM and headed back for the big lake. Conditions had improved and we ventured out for a bouncy afternoon and evening.

First hookup of the afternoon resulted in a 17 pound king for Caleb!! Shortly after that, we had another whack on the same firetiger dipsy with Spin Doctor and green Howie fly. That fish was a screamer and very rapidly ripped off a bunch of stainless before Jeff was able to put the brakes on it and start working it toward the boat. A couple of minutes later, the fish got off. I'm sure but the way it looked that that was a 20 pound plus king!!

We wrapped up the first evening as the wind came up and the wave built some more. A very wet and wild run in was had by all as the side spray was blown back over the boat by the wind!! It actually felt pretty good with the high temps.

Wednesday morning looked like it'd be pretty good, The lake was still choppy but better than the evening before. We went out to about 270 feet and I started setting gear. I ran out the copper and was starting to run out 17 colors of lead when the copper fired with a blue green dolphin spin doctor and a big weenie cry bay fly. I took the rod and landed a nice 14 pound king. From there things got slow. It was 10 AM before another fish took a bait and Jeff landed a 4 pound brown.

We went in for lunch about noon and ran to town to gas up the boat. We all took a nap and rolled out about 3 to get after them again.

The afternoon was a horse of a different color, It was awesome with a new fish on about every 20 to 30 minutes. Caleb started it out with a 7 pound King, Jeff landed an 18# king nudging out Caleb's 17# from the day before for big fish, I landed another 17# and then Caleb boated a 19# to retake the lead!! I boated a personal best 7# brown and then we had a double hookup for Jeff and Caleb! Jeff landed another 17# king and the kid's fish came off about 1/2 way in. Jeff's fish finished our limits so in we went, well satisfied with the day!!

Thursday morning we rolled out extra early and were into the fish right away, I popped another 17# off a dipsy, G/G combo. We had 3 other fish on and lost them. One was a nice small king that took a green glow spoon at 99 feet on a rigger. When he hit the surface, he made a wild sideways dash and wrapped himself up in the the port side wire line dipsy cable. He flopped hard for a few seconds and was off. Caleb ended the day for us with a 10# Laker at 9 AM and we headed for the camp to pack up and drive home.

It was a great trip with some nice fish! Here's a few pictures of the action.












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