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times two

dunkirk 8/3-8/5

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Fished the 3rd Annual Conservation Club Walleye Tournament in

Dunkirk Fri-Sun. 100 boat field, already 30+ boats on a waiting

list to get in next year.

Day 1-Friday

Looked like it was going to roll again, so we decided to try a north-south

troll. Goal was to hit the border eventually, unless we did some fish. Ended up 6/7 on the walleye, with 2 steelhead. Three fish weighed

in at 17.97lbs, good enough for 13th out of 100 for day 1. Steelhead

came on the rigs, 52 and 60 down on a stinger confusion and a stinger

chicken wing.

Walleye...4 on a 10 color, watermelon hatchet harness. 2 on the big

slides..1 on an orange harness, the other on a DW ss chicken wing.

1 on the boards, little slide, 200 back.

I felt pretty good about the fish I saw, and thought Day 2 would be ok.

Day 2: 8/4

I had previously booked a charter for the morning, so you know what happened next.....we went 14/14 on the 'eyes..big box, including 1 10lber, and 2 9's, and probably another 3 over 8. One of the best boxes I've

had in a long time. Awesome.

10 color with a big hatchet; 5 color with dave kabooms on the boards, wire big slides at 155 and 175 back...DW ckicken wing and harnesses, and little slides on the boards with harnesses. 1.6-1.8 at the ball.

Went back in the afternoon with my derby crew, did 8 'eyes and 2 steelies in 2.5 hrs. No real size, but good eaters...same stuff as the am, plus 2 on a watermelon yeck off the 55 rigger.

Slide a bit in the standings since we couldn't post the weight we

had in the morning...but still in 28th out of 100..going into day 3.

Day 3: 8/5

Loads slower today for everyone.

Did 4 eyes early, then it died out. Mix...1 on wire 175 on 3 on

a harness; 1 on a 52 rigger on a DW confusion; 1 on 5 color on a

gold daves kaboom and 1 on a 200 little side, orange/copper harness.

Weighed in just under 12 lbs...good enough for 20th place out of 100


Would of, Could of's......

If we could have weighed in the Saturday morning box, we would have

had the 2 largest 'eyes for the day, probably the 1st or 2nd heaviest box

for the day, the 2 heaviest fish for the derby, and would have been in 2nd

or 3rd overall..... I kind of had a feeling it would stack up that way!


Club did a massive fish fry at the end. Deep fried, oven baked, and grilled

walleye! Winner by far, though was a bacon wrapped walleye. Scallop

size walleye nuggets, wrapped in bacon,toothpicked, and sprinkled with

Old Bay. Put right on the grill until the bacon was crispy. Delicious!


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Capt. John,I'd say you did well and the 19 places ahead of you were glad you didn't weight in your morning catch. I'd like to try for eyes out there.What is a faverable wind dereaction for a 16ft.boat? Thanks.... Mike.

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Unlike LO, the SW winds can really roll Erie quick. Thats the most

favorable wind, so you just need to trust (yeah, right) the forecast

and go by wave/winds. I have always found a NE wind to be less



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Capt. John,

Thanks for great report. I hope to make to the Dunkirk/ Barcelona area in the next week or 2.....

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Thanks Capt. nothing changes if you want to know what the lake is doing you have to go to the shore. Hope the rest of your season goes well. Capt Mike Ret'd. LO.

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