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October muskies

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I usually don't post reports on here, but had prob my best outing of the season this weekend on one of the smaller musky lakes. Got on the water at about 10am and started off trolling, around noon my cousin picked up a mid 30's fish on a jointed leo bait. Trolled a little longer with nothin to show for it so decided to try casting for a bit. Things took off from there...

Hot baits for the day were lunge lumber jerks in black and shad patterns. I Ended up going 3 for 6 on these baits in a few hours. Nothing huge (all mid to upper 30's) but these fish were aggressive! Working the jerks slowly with long pauses produced the best results. These muskies were launching themselves clear out of the water to grab these lures...what a rush! Will prob be the last trip of the season for me as the wife is very close to her due date and don't want to be on the water when I officially become a dad!

Good luck out there for the next month or so guys!


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Great report! What a "last trip" for the season it must have been for you :yes::yes:

Oh, and a little early, but big congrats to you and your wife. When you officially become a dad, make sure to post some pics...it will be the best catch of your life!


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