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Cayuga 10/23 Grand Slam??

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Went out of Long Point solo around 2:30 with thoughts of fishing till dark. Ran south to just north of Miliken on the east side and started trolling north in about 230fow. Ended up catching fish in everthing from 200 to 90 as i zigged and zagged while trying to land fish. Set riggers at 70 and 90 and dipsy at 185 and it didnt take long before the fun started. For the next two hours i couldnt keep all the lines in the water. Landed a bunch of nice lakers with two around 8lbs.....a bunch of LLs with the biggest around 5lbs......three browns with one around 6lbs and if I can count a 12" rainbow I finished the slam. Had the dipsy fire twice while I was letting it out (blue dolphin SD and a buckeye blue and orange fly...riggers had a sutton and other with a chrome dodger and irodescent fly). Had two doubles during the two hours and had to take the sliders off because it was getting rediculous when the slider and the bottom spoon got hit and I had two fish on. No real slammers but after two hours I was so tired I called it good. Gotta say a big THANKS to all of you that have helped me this year....I hope to get out again but if i call it quits for the year it went out with a bang

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