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rod hog

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Looks like there was yesterday and it is suppose to get and stay colder

JAN 7TH "Joe and I were out on 5″ of hard black ice yesterday morning and had a decent morning with 9 walleye and a gigantic perch iced between the two of us. Unfortunately the warm temperatures of the day quickly softened the ice. We were off the ice mid day taking care of a few things [...]"

JAN 10TH "With the drop of temperatures again on Saturday evening and Sunday we were able to make it out for a quick scouting trip on Sunday night. The ice was hard and clear again. Monday was mild, but we managed another quick trip out for the last hour before dark resulted with a good number of smaller class [...]"

Reports forn Steves contact the WQuinte Ice team :clap:

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Brian I am going to Costa rica in may. Could your buddy give me some info regarding a fishing charter for a day on the ocean. Going down for a wedding with family .

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I will talk to him John. If he has any info, I will send it to you in a PM.

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