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slip prices???

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For IBay:

8 1/2' beam or less at Mayer's would be about $1200 for you if paid before March w/o power or water. He won't support a wider beam than 8 1/2' except at his satellite dock for the charter boats which has a waiting list.

I'm $1300 at Sutter's for a 25', 9 1/2' beam with electric, no water, it would have been $1800 for amenities at the cruiser dock.

Southpointe would be about $1600 for you with all amenities if paid early.

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come out to Sandy Creek. You can dock for between $20 and $40 per foot depending on which Marina you choose. A buch of us are at Sandy Creek Marina and are VERY happy with the personal service we get from the owner.

It takes less then 20 minutes to get to Sandy from the rivergoing down the parkway.

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