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Microlight Reel


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For any of you guys that like to fish microjigs (1/80 oz) this is the reel and at a heck of a price:

http://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/124- ... nning-reel

USReels is one of the innovators of the short wide spool concept which results in less line twist and easier/longer casts. I'm coupling mine with a 7'9" rod made out of a 3 wt fly rod blank. Should be fun.

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Jeff....They take up room on the reel so you don't have to spool an unnecessary amount of backer line. Lets face it, if you fish for panfish you don't need alot of line. One ring is thicker than the other so one takes up more room than the other. If you want a full spool of line if you're going to use it for bigger fish then just take them off. One suggestion. Make sure that you fill the spool to just short of the rim. A short wide spool will cast further than a standard size spool but only if you have it spooled full. If you don't then it will actually have more drag than a standard spool.

I have mine coupled with a 7.5' 3 wt fly rod blank & its amazing how I can cast such light jigs. Good luck.

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