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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): 3-11-12

Time on Water:7am to 1pm

Weather/Temp:34 to 37

Wind Speed/Direction:S/SW

Waves: 1 foot

Surface Temp:

Location:Oswego to Mexico





Total Hits: 16

Total Boated:12

Species Breakdown:All browns

Hot Lure: Rainbow thundersticks, blue and silver & fire tiger

Trolling Speed: 2.4 to 2.8 with 2.6 being the preferred

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8-12 ft

Lure Depth:



Finally got out for the first trip of the year after reading reports starting Feb 8th. There were 3 of us on the boat. Was heading to Sodus but decided on the way down to hit Oswego as we were familiar with the launch from duck hunting the last few years. Got to the public launch when it was still dark. Met another fisherman at the launch and he gave us a little update and where to go. Left the harbor and headed towards the power plant and hit one monster on the way there and lost it as it broke our 10 foot mono leader. So much for changing up from my normal setup. No more hits until around 930 and that was a double with the first fish on the boat weighing in at 10lbs 8 oz, great way to start off the season. We ran all little planer boards with the sticks between 50-75ft behind the boards. Most hits were running with the wind at our back and only had a couple running into the wind. Ended up going 12-16 and we lost two more big fish on the 10lb leaders. Needless to say as they broke we strung 20lb leaders back on and were in business. It was one of our hunting buddies first time brown trouut fishing and he caught the biggest fish for the day and is hooked now. Hope to get back out there a couple more times during the week and hit some more fish. No photos today as my phone's camera decided it didn't want to work anymore. Glad we went and glad we didn't listen to the weatherman!!! We kept 2 fish a piece for dinner and released the rest for next time. One fish came on board with a lamprey and 3 or 4 of the fish had lamprey scars on it. Kind of strange as last year we only had one or two lamprey scars for the whold season.


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