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Bear Creek / Ginna - 4/3/12

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water: 3 hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: mild

Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 9

Total Boated: 6

Species Breakdown: Browns

Hot Lure: Black / Silver thunderstick

Trolling Speed: 2.0

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8 - 25

Lure Depth: 4 - 15




Launched at 3pm, heading west. Set up just east of Bear, and boated a quick 7 lber crossing the creek in 17 FOW. Nice! Tthe next hit behind the boat again as I was holding and letting the line out with 78 ft out!! Sweet ! Handed to my partner, and he boated the 5-6 lb brown. Was thinking great things are gonna happen, but then it shut down for 45 mins. The next 2 boated were the normal 18 inchers that everyone is catching (both near Ginna in 15 FOW). Same LURE COLOR. Took off the firetiger and went to goby pattern. Nothing. One perch rapala stick took a 4-5 lber, off the back of the boat, and the black / silver took a 4 lber near Bear in 18 FOW. Water was clearer to slightly stained. Marked a crapload of fish, alot schooled at 15-19 in 25-30 FOW, but none hit. Maybe we werent down far enough??? I am kinda new to this style fishing (my second year), so any thoughts how I could have boated some of those fish would be appreciated!

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Ive fished that area since the eighties. Always had good luck with alphena diamonds (silver blue or green)and andy reekers fished just off the bottom on downriggers.

Alot of the guys now just use spoons even in the spring.

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