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Stoney Creek May 19, 2012

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Little Red Polarkraft




Date(s):May 18, 2012

Time on Water:630-230

Weather/Temp:75 degrees

Wind Speed/Direction:None- you could have waterskiied on the lake today

Waves: None- Looked like I-81

Surface Temp: 54-57 degrees






Total Hits: 10

Total Boated:9

Species Breakdown:4 kings, 4 browns, 1 laker

Hot Lure: Spin Doctors and flies and sliders with spoons

Trolling Speed: 2.6 to 2.8

Down Speed: No idea

Boat Depth: Fished an hour in the shallows North of Stoney in 10-30 feet and then went to 130-160

Lure Depth: 50-80 on the downriggers with 12lb balls-but 70 seemed to be the magic number and 100-120 on the magnum dipseys with 50lb braid



Did a quick one hour run in Rays Bay with planer boards, got 3 boards out and hooked and landed a nice 9lb brown, thought it was going to be a good morning but after an hour and a half back and forth nothing, there was a lot of mossy grass on the boards and the stick baits so we pulled lines and headed for deep water. Ran a straight salmon spread with spin doctors and flies, and sliders with spoons on the downriggers. We only fished 4 rods but that did us pretty good. As soon as we set up in 140 feet of water we had a double on browns, one on a spoon, and the other on the flasher fly combo. Nice 10 lb brown on the rigger and a little 4 lb brown on the spoon. Once again we though it was going to be a hot bite. Went from 930-1130 without moving a rod and was getting a bit frustrated so be brought the riggers up to 60 and 70 ft and hit our first king. Then we did pretty good for the next 3 hours in 130-140ft of water. Lost a big brown in the net when we tried to net him over the two outboards and the swimstep. The rest of the fish we brought to the side of the boat after that. No monster kings- they were all 10-12 lb fish but were bright and gave us a great fight. My buddy caught his first king and first laker. The lake trout was 14lbs. If I didn't have to go to work at 5pm I would have stayed til it was dark. It was a great day on the lake and was happy to enjoy a calm day on the water. Might get back out there tomorrow afternoon if I can swing it. To all those fishing tomorrow, have a great day and tight lines.


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