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Need help! Gimbal/alignment question

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I just completed a transom replacement on my 22' Starcraft. Thinking the gimbal bearing install and engine aligment should be done by a pro, I opted to take it to a shop. Bearing was installed, and engine aligned. The outdrive did seem to go on nicely.

However, I noticed the outside of the bearing, the outside edge, had hammer marks all around it. This concerned me because I thought they are installed with a proper tool.

I take my boat out for the first ride of the year, and it's vibrating very noticeably. Anywhere from 1500 rpm and higher, and it's a consistent vibration. Does not matter if I go straight or turn.

Now, I noticed my engine was idling somewhat rough, like it was missing on one cylinder. I check my plug wires and found one cap ripped. I am going to replace that now.

My question: What normally causes this type of vibration? Could a plug wire arching cause an engine vibration? Other than the idle, the motor seemed to run good other than the vibration. No loss of power or throttle response. Is the marked up gimbal an indication that it was improperly installed?

It's a 4.3 mercruiser (1989) with an alpha one.

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I watched them install a gimbal bearing in my boat and the only time a hammer was used was on the bearing tool they used to install the bearing it self they never hit on the bearing its self they lined up the hole in the bearing with the grease fitting used a alinment tool and good to go boat never sounded so good after the new bearing, no more growling noise or vibrating, sounds to me like they might of messed up the bearing? We install bearings all day long in our work and never used a hammer on a bearing!!!!

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You can get the tool online for under $43 including shipping (Ebay). I just bought it and used it today for my Islander with mercruiser. If you have any suspicion about the quality of the alignment,take it right back to the shop and have them do it right in front of you and take pictures while they do it. If the alignment is correct ,the tool should just slide in without any force. If it was a lousy job you will very soon find yourself buying a new drive shaft and the female part in the engine.$$$$$.

Make sure it was done right.

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