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Surf City N.C. fishing recommendations

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Hey seasquirrel....check out nccoastalfishing.com........fishing reports come up for the north carolina coast. .....then scroll down to "fishing reports by capt. jerry dillsaver". His reports and fishing predictions and suggestions are always very reliable, and he updates them usually on thurs. or friday each week . Also "chasin' tails " gives a great report too. There are local reports for the entire n.c. coast on the main website. An awesome state to saltwater fish....good luck down there.

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Rent a Sea-Kayak for the week. Sit on porch with beer. Watch for dark shapes moving up coast (schools of Menhaden). Launch Kayak when Menhaden spotted. Cast Yozuri's around edges of fracas (use a leader) for Bluefish and Spanish Mak's. Don't fall in (sharks). Rent a small boat or get charter. Head out where the shrimp boats are running their nets. Drop live bait to bottom after shrimp boat passes.........hold onto rod as a shark will hit your bait within 30 seconds. Intercoastal areas have redfish and trout.

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