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Still pretty good walleye action in Dunkirk when mother nature permits...

Did 5/7 on the walleye today, plus a few big sheepies. Lots of fish

straight out of Dunkirk, 80-90 fow water was by far the best

picture. Lots of fish stacked on the bottom. Had 4 eaters and 1 over 10lbs. DW chicken wing and an orange hatchet off the big slides 180 back on 3. 1 on a homemade chicken wing harness...just made that!!!...on the 10 color, and 1 on a watermelon yeck, 70 down on the rig.

Great day to end September...hopefully get a few more nice ones

before we pull next week!


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Yecks are a hair shorter than the standard stingers....not scorpian sized.

They were factory watermelon, no extra tape....just a little smelly jelly.

Hatchet off the 10 color was a large size than off the slides. 4 and 6 I


The one on the slide was a hammered copper blade with orange tape,

stock D & D bought at Gander Mt. The large one was one I just did

myself a few days before. Took a hammered copper blade and

did the same markings as a chicken wing spoon using sharpies.

Black edge with the "fingers" and then some orange. Used 4 black,

4 orange and 4 yellow Fishlander beads from the hook to the blade

and one of each on top of that.


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John, Thanks for your reports.

you state your working 80-90 fow and it sounds like the fish are coming 60-70 down... correct? any fish higher, no downriggers, a couple of dipsey rods

Also is the bite strictly a spoon and harness bite, any sticks working?


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Sunday we ran 5 rods...2 riggers, 2 slide divers and 1 10 color down

the chute. That's my base program. Time before we did

get a couple of board lines out. We dropped in around 70 foot...

not a whole lot on the graph until we got out to the upper 70's. Lots

of fish on the bottom ....in the 80's there were fish moving around

above that, and once outside of 95 it got pretty blank.

Last couple times out its been 60/40 harnesses to spoons. Honestly

haven't been running sticks nor did I try high. Have gotten a few

popping the riggers of late.

Big mix of sizes...everything from dinks to 10lbs....

Ray....nice to chat on the phone, maybe we'll catch you on the lake....


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