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just picked up a boat and looking for some advice


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Name: Kyle

Location: Wilson

Home Port:

Boat Name/Type:

I fish for: salmon, steelhead and browns


I have fished the lake with my uncle quite a few times but am on my own now. I plan on running 30lb copper for dipsys (too light??) Picked up some flashers to run behind the dipsys - any preference on leader? Any color combos I should try?

I did fish Sunday and picked up one steelhead on the 30lb copper back 190 spin dr with a blue fly. Missed another down 50 on the rigger black and purple nk spoon. 20 ft behind the ball. Not far enough?

I really appreciate any and all help. My dad is coming out to fish Thurs n Fri and hoping to show him a good time!

Thanks and good luck!

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Trolling = controlled depth fishing

Methods of controlling depth:

Down riggers take your line down to a desired depth.

Dipsy or jet divers run off braid, mono or stainless steel wire. The diver takes your rig down to a quazi-known depth based on setting, line diameter and amount of line out.

Thumper or pump handle uses heavy lead weights (10-16oz) to take your rig down. Line out, speed and line diameter are factored in to calculate depth attained.

Copper line used by itself. The weight of the copper sinks your rig at a fairly constant rate per length out.

Lead core, same as copper line but different depth curve.

Dive charts can be found for all the above methods. Charts list the variables such as line diameter, speed and deployed lengths to give an approximation of your depth. They allow you to get close to the depths you desire. Repeatability in your depth is also of great value.

Using copper or lead core to pull a dipsy diver places a lot of unecessary weight on your equipment. The diver takes your rig down. Obviously you proved one can use copper on a dipsy and take fish but, do you know the depth it is running at? You can repeat a setting that worked if the fish are in the same area but, if you want to target a specific depth where you see fish, you really don't have much of a clue if you start combining divers with weighted line. Hydraulics are such that without clear data, you don't know if the large diameter of the coper or lead core is limiting the depth the diver can attain due to substantially increased drag or, if the added wieght is adding to the depth. You could buy a Fish Hawk TD and measure the depth. Either way, pulling in a dipsy, flasher, fly and copper line is a real chore without a fish on it. Add a fish and you will develope Popeye arms in a hurry.

Some techniques can be easily added together such as running a short lenght of copper or lead behind a rigger ball. If you run a 50 foot lenght of 45lb copper off a rigger, your rig will be about 10-11 feet below your ball. Same with lead core figuring about 5.5 feet down per each color behind the ball. This type of rigging is called a SWR or Secret Weapon Rig and can be very effective. You need to ensure the entire lenght of copper or lead core is behind the release. Running a small dipsy off a rigger also works well but, you lose some depth from the rigger caused by additional blow back resulting from the drag of the dipsy.

In the end, trolling requires knowledge about the depths your rigs are running so you can put them in proximity of the hungry fish. The more accuratley you know your depth, the more fish you will take.

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