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8/8 oswego - 8/9 mexico

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 15

Total Boated:8

Species Breakdown:5 kings, 2 cohos, 1 big brown

Hot Lure: sd white green dots, hammer fly

Trolling Speed: var

Down Speed: 2.2 to 2.6

Boat Depth: 300 - 550

Lure Depth: 92 - 120


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS On 8/8 fished out of oswego, started in 150 ft out to 550. Got first king on rigger 110 down over 350 ft. All day didn't mark many fish. At 500 ft got 2 more kings off riggers 92 ft and 118 ft down. My buddy also lost a good king after a 20 min fight. At 550 fow we got a double on both riggers , both cohos. We trolled for 10 hours this day. I thought this was a bad day, but we finished with 5 in the box after losing 3 fish. All fish on flasher with white and green dots, hammer fly.

On 8/9 we fished out of mexico. Didn't get first till 300 fow a brown. On rigger 110 down, white sd with green dots, hammer fly. At 326 fow I got a 27 lb king on rigger 100 ft down. Bob got a nice king on dipsey 330 , green flasher and green fly, 29 lbs. After trolling for about 2 hours with no action, I changed one rigger to a orange and yellow flasher and fly combo at 92 ft. The rigger fired, when I set the hook the fish took out 425 ft on the first run. I couldn't move this fish. AFTER ABOUT 25 MINS ,I lost the fish 25 ft from the boat. I was pissed. Then the dipsey at 300ft fired 2 more times , I lost both of them. I think I need to sharpen the hooks. Then around 4:00 it began to get nasty. It was time to leave. 3 in the box and missed 4. I marked more fish at mexico then in oswego.


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Thanks for the update! How bad were the waves and what size rig do you have to get out that far? I've got a sylvan 18 with a 90hp and 9.9 kicker and was hoping to get up there though it seems the fish are still in deep water out 8-10miles. I've seen that lake turn nasty pretty quick and don't want to get caught outside of my comfort zone. Thanks for any tips.


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Thanks for the report . Nice catch . I am planning to fish there soon as the weather clears up. If it happens at all. IT's a 5 hour drive for me to get there, would like to see at least 3 good days in a row, wish full thinking I guess.

Tight lines


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jersey len, I have a 4 hour drive. I always check the wave reports before I go. But the reports are wrong 50% of the time, It's always a hit or miss.

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I have a 18 ft lund. The kings are very dark. They should be stacking up soon.

Me too on the 18 foot Lund! It can get snotty in a hurry!!

Great report! Can't wait to get over again, only a 10 hour drive for me!!! Wish I was a lot closer!!

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