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Got out for a couple hours the other night and took Fenway for his first trip on the big lake. Got this picture of him watching the rods. He was very aware they were supposed to do something, unfortunately I was having trouble showing him exactly what. He really seemed to enjoy it, I can't wait to see what he thinks of a king flopping around on the deck.


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I take my golden retriever (Buddy) walleye fishing on erie every time, he loves it.

he gets to play with the white bass and perch but the eyes go in the box.

He gets on full alert when he hears a reel turn and awaits the fish on deck.

Its great .



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There is something to be said about taking your best friend out for a day of fishing. My Wheaten loves the boat ride as well as the fishing part.



The worst thing she'll do is lick the fish, but mostly just looks at it trying to figure out what it's doing.



After a few hours she had enough...


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