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Wrights Landing Bubblers for ADDICTION

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I see Wrights Landing will now install bubblers around your boat if you plan on leaving them in all year. Tony and Rob (A.K.A.) ADDICTION were the first to have them installed. Just in time for the upcoming "winter" season. Maybe Tony can spend Christmas aboard the ADDICTION. :lol: By the way Rob, make sure you unplug your shore power cord BEFORE you pull away from the dock. :rofl:

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I just saw this post and can't stop laughing. I just talked to Rob and detox went great he's been sober since Monday of this week. We just installed a breakaway shorepower cord to accommodate Robs dock departures. And lastly Rob just returned all the empty beer cans that were left from him and Gray this summer and it looks like we are using the money to upgrade to a new 36 foot Tiara. And Sharky don't worry I told him to use the fish cleaning station from now on!

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