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dont like trepassing .


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That burns me. Haven't had anyone vandalize to that extent...just a lost trail cam here and there. I keep saying I'm going to spend one of these opening days of shotgun just booting people out. I hunt on farmland that has never really been consistently hunted and people have been sneaking on for years...I've been spending my time trying to let everyone know that this is posted property and they are trespassing...some people learn a little slower than others!

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We've had tree stands stolen over the years but no vandalism.

Just caught an outfit called www.cycledata.com electronically stealing monies from our business account, and not a couple hundred bucks either...............in the process of recovering what we can at this point.


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A friend of mine found his trail camera smashed this morning. Guy is not to smart, left the sim card with his picture on it. Friend is on his way to the station right now.

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